April 2003 Newsletter
For all veterans, relatives and friends of the

German Tank, picture courtesy of Mike Nobel

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Announcements and Editor's Notes
Society Announcements
Website Developments
Reunion 2004
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Announcements, Editor's Notes and Website Developments

Editor's Notes

We appreciate the increasing number of emails and requests for information being received from family members and friends of 89th vets. When appropriate, we copy them to concerned Society Officers, particularly to Organization Representatives, and are pleading with those principal ORs without access to email and the internet to appoint an assistant who does (see letter below to ORs). This is a particular problem with the 355th Inf and the 314th Eng. Bn.

While we attempt to publish a newsletter on a monthly basis, sometimes this is not possible. We also try to minimize this scheduling problem and the need for your surfing by sending out a message, using our excel email list, when it actually goes on line. Please check if you have forwarded us any changes in your email address, including dropping it. We are also in the process of trying to correct or eliminate DEAD (meaning non-operative) email addresses (see April TRW issue) and a listing of these are available upon request to me.

Please also recall, that in the unfortunate event of an 89th vet's incapacitation or demise, a relative or friend may wish to continue receipt of our newsletters by informing us of the name of the incapacitated/deceased, your name, relationship, and email address. There will be an abbreviated Newsletter in mid-May but a hiatus of at least one to two months due to the necessity of your co-webmasters to attend a rather important wedding in France (my wedding--Mark!) and do a little sightseeing and/or honeymooning after.

The purpose of this core section of the newsletter is to provide an electronic mechanism for the rapid exchange of information and requests regarding our WWII Division, its veterans, relatives and friends, as well as including current items of related interest. We like to think of this task as primarily gatekeeping, i.e., facilitating networking between our vets and friends and responding to inquiries by drawing on the knowledge of those still with us, particularly those active in our Society with similar responsibilities and concerns. This is graphically illustrated in this and recent issues. Because of the many messages and follow-ups received, and my difficulty at times to keep them straight, it is requested that each message include any previous information/correspondence provided.

Letters are not usually included in any order of receipt or importance, with editing kept to a minimum. Editor's remarks, if any, are included in highlighted brackets [ ].

Finally, if you have buddies, relatives or friends who do not have access to the internet, you might wish to suggest that they visit their local library. Librarians will help you pull up our website at www.89infww2.org for viewing and, upon request, print out selected items/stories. Try it!

Thank you

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Society Announcements

An Invitation from the Society

"Membership in the 89th Division Society W.W.II" The Society welcomes requests for membership in the organization, with eligibility based on the following categories:

MEMBER - any veteran who served in the Division during World War II, including individuals belonging to other organizations attached to the Division at various times.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - widows of deceased veterans who were members or are eligible to be members.

FRIENDS - individuals (including relatives) with a definite interest in membership and the history or legacy of the Division. Friends do not have voting privileges.

Dues for each of the above categories are $30.00 per year, which includes a subscription to the Society's official publication, The Rolling W, published three times yearly. Those interested may enroll by sending a check for current dues, made payable to the 89th Division Society WW II, and mailed to the Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Mrs. Marge Berg, 818 San Antonio Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Please note your relationship to a member (if any) or a brief description of your interest. Be certain to include your mailing address, telephone number and email address to expedite networking, timely receipt of the TRW, and the Society's Roster, published biannually. You are also invited to use the 89th electronic tools, the website and newsletter, available at www.89infdivww2.org, without charge.


These messages are repeated due to their importance


From: John F. Sherman- VP Communications Coordinator

A Request For Each Society Member Re The future of the TRW

In order to provide a solid base of information so as to plan for the future publication of The Rolling W (TRW), we are asking that each of you take a few moments to complete the questionnaire provided below. As you are aware, the society's leadership has always assumed that this publication (the TRW magazine), supplemented by the reunions, constitutes the "glue" that binds us together as a strong and treasured organization. Further, it reaches directly all members.

But looking to the future, we need to be certain of that assumption and to gain your thoughts about TRW. You will notice that the questionnaire consists of two parts, the information sought based on two different fiscal situations. Please add comments concerning any aspects not included in the questions [and feel free to include attachments if the above space is insufficient].

PART ONE: (The Society's fiscal situation allows a projection of no significant change needed in the publication for the foreseeable future)

What features of TRW interest you the most? (Rate each of the following numerically, with a "1" as the highest and a "10" the lowest.)


Should any changes be made regardless of our finances? If so, please describe - _________________________________________

PART TWO: The Society's fiscal situation requires significant changes soon.) Which characteristics of TRW should be sacrificed? (Rate each of the following numerically, with a "1" as the first to go and a "10" as last.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS____________________________________________

Please forward by mail or fax to

John F. Sherman
11016 Ardwick Drive
Rockville, MD 20852

Fax - 301-881-6029

not later than 15 May 2003. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE.


From: Bill Scudder-WAGG Member

Requests for Views, Suggestions and/or Proposals to The Executive Board Re the Future of our Society

You may recall proposals in recent issues of TRW as to the future of our Society. This in view of our declining membership and the fact that current estimates indicate WWII veterans are leaving us at a rate of some 1,200 per month. As our rolls diminish the need to find solutions and make decisions for our future becomes most urgent. So we are asking you, our members to provide your Executive Board with your views, suggestions and/or proposals on the following possibilities so these may be considered by your Board in preparing proposals which you may be asked to vote on in the near future.

Please consider the following:

1. As membership declines and it becomes obvious that there are insufficient finances and/or members to permit continuance of the Society our Executive Board should be authorized to dissolve the Society of the 89th Division WWII in accord with Article XII of our by-laws. The Article reads, Article Xll-Dissolution- "Upon determination of the Executive Board to dissolve the Society, remaining assets after the satisfaction of all obligations of the Society, shall be given to the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, for placement in Gift Trust Fund #318-500- 9894-7113, entitled "War Memorial", which shall be administered by that city or it's successor, for the exclusive purpose of care and repair of the 89th Division WWII Memorial Monument".

2. A dual possibility: a. Continue our Society under the leadership of members in the category of Friends of the Society of the 89th Division, WII. This proposal assumes that in the very near future there will be sufficient numbers of such members to warrant formal organization of such a group and also that among these members there will be those who evidence a willingness to assume roles as would be essential to plan, organize and lead an auxiliary society. Such "Friends" would need to promptly express their interest and willingness to assume leadership roles in such an organization.

3. In combination with Friends of the Society or as a separate group our descendent organization, the 89th RSC (89th Regional Support Command) as well as other separate organizations bearing the 89th designations might choose to perpetuate the Society as part of their historical process.


Send your response to:

Bill Scudder

9000 Belvoir Woods Pkwy.,
Ft. Belvoir, Va.

E- Mail: scudbandp@aol.com

Telephone (703-781- 3030)

Fax 703- 781-3030 (requires prior telephone notice to set mode).


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Website Developments

Currently we are giving priority attention to reproducing "The Combat History of 354th Inf. Regiment" and providing what assistance we can to Representatives of the 353rd Inf in their negotiations for accelerating completion, raising additional funds if necessary, for publication, and, insofar as the WWII portion is concerned, with it placement on our website and, hopefully, serialization in the TRW. We are midway in the process of developing a story/history of the 602nd TD Bn when they were attached to the 89th. Efforts are also underway to encourage and assist 355th to develop its own history and to assist the 89th Recon in preparing their history. Other attached division units, as well as histories at unit levels, are also encouraged.

We have made a large dent in the backlog of stories. Please follow this link to see our newest additions. History and Memories

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Reunion 2004: Washington, DC

WHEN: Monday, 30 August through Saturday, September 4, 2004

WHERE: Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

HOTEL: Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City (Across from the Pentagon. We're much impressed with the Hotel, plus their several fine restaurants!)


Chairman, Dick Lee
Assist. Chairman, "Chick" Cecchini
Members: Phil McAuliffe, Bill Scudder John Sherman

DATES: The Program will run from Tuesday, 31 August thru Saturday, 4 September, 2004. This could run longer if you choose to do some early or late sightseeing, a personal touring or visiting.

COST: It's too early to know what the registration fee will be. We do know that we'll be using buses for at least two trips and maybe three times more than for a typical reunion. For that reason, the cost will be higher than with the usual only one bus use.

GENERAL PLAN: Due to the wonderful military resources available to us in Washington, D.C. area we have decided to tap as much of it as we can to make this 2004 Reunion a truly memorable experience. This at a time which may, for many of us, well be the last our health and other circumstances will allow us to gather.

First of all, we realize that the sightseeing opportunities in the Nation's Capitol are without equal. Should you want to do some sightseeing we've made arrangements with the hotel to accept reservations for 3 days before Monday, August 30th and 3 days after Sunday, September 5, 2004.

The Reunion rate is $89 a night for 2 persons, plus tax (currently 9.75%). This arrangement is not To exceed 10 rooms each of the days before and after.

We alerted our Armed Forces Reunion, Inc. to offer a package of attractive tours for those of you who want to take this great opportunity to see those special places you may have missed over the years or are new. Notably among the new is the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial There are always the many wonderful Art Museums, various Smithsonian Museums, National Cathedral, National Shrine, National Archives, etc. If you don't have any special place to concentrate on but want a sort of panoramic tour, there is the very convenient bus (looks like an open trolley) to take you to a the sightseeing places. It lets you get off to look around as long as you want. Then you can get on another to continue the tour, all day if you wish.

Most important, though, we've put together a program for Wednesday, September 1 through Saturday, September 5, featuring the SILENT DRILL TEAM and the FIFE and DRUM Corps of the 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard) on September 1st. We plan a group visit to the Holocaust Museum on Thursday, September 2nd. On Friday, September 3rd, the ARMY BAND has agreed to entertain at the separate luncheons following the Membership Meeting. Their Strolling Strings play during the Ladies' Luncheon. The Men's Chorale will be singing about a half-hour during the Men's Luncheon.

For our special MEMORIAL SERVICE Saturday morning, we have been promised the use of the AMPHITHEATER of the TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN at Arlington National Cemetery for the first part of our observance…the reading of the names of our recent dead, organization by organization. Following, the widows present will lay their traditional rose. During this part of the ceremony, THE COLOR GUARD of the 3rd INFANTRY will stand in place. Following, the first part of our Memorial Ceremony, we then move to the front of the building to continue by laying a wreath at the TOMB of the UNKNOWN. For this second part of the ceremony, we've been promised the extraordinary privilege comparable to that usually provided only when the President or Head of State lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. The Army Band, Two Platoons of the 3rd Infantry, and Tomb Guard will participate in our wreath laying.

For our Saturday Evening Banquet, the Army Band's Men's Chorale will entertain again. Still in The planning stage, though not yet arranged, we hope to offer a trip to visit the NATIONAL WWII MEMORIAL, scheduled to be completed and dedicated in the Spring of 2004.

Oh, yes, the HOSPITALITY ROOM The Doubletree Hotel has a super attractive, large room perfect for hospitality room purposes. It is up high with many windows offering a beautiful view of Washington. We have been promised this room. We'll have a cozy, single place for all attending the Reunion.

So vets of the 89th, their widows, and “Fiends of the Society”, all who can...set aside the date now! This will be a grand affair.

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Email List Updates

It would greatly simplify our tasks if I were notified promptly of address changes, errors or when one is no longer using the Internet so we can make the necessary adjustments effectively and in a timely basis. The task of maintaining a current and growing up-to-date list is becoming increasingly complicated. We're not complaining, in fact we are overjoyed, but please remember that we are volunteers and, in my case, not as sharp as I used to be. If you are sending a message or follow-up, please identify yourself and your (or relative's) unit, as I may no longer have your original. Thank you.

ALLISON, William E-C Co, 353rd Inf c/o grandson , Douglas

BOYD, Cecil-- I Co, 354th Inf

CARUSO, James-C Co, 314th Med

CONRAD, Frederick-F Co, 354th Inf

DAIC, George F-Co G, 354th Inf

DREVDAHL, Robert-HQ Co, 1st Bn, 354th Inf (deceased) c/o son John

DUNN, Wallace E-L Co, 353rd Inf

EXEL, John E-Co E, 2nd Bn, 353rd Inf (deceased) c/o son

FOWLER, Charles E - 89th Cav Recon Troop

GOODBOUT, Edward A-3rd Bn, 353rd Inf (deceased) c/o daughter Kathy

FUSON, Donald-Sv Battery, 563rd FA c/o daughter Donna Deege

HALL Jr, Harmon C-Co C, 354th Inf c/o son, Clinton

HALLOCHAK, Andrew-314th Eng Bn c/o Drew Hallochak (son)

KEMP, Lyle E-B Co, 353rd Inf (deceased) c/o grandson, David

LITTLE, George S-941st FA (deceased) c/o son Douglas

LITTLE, Ray D. -M Co, 355th Inf

NICHOLSON, Harold E.-405th Qm Co (deceased)c/o Grandson

MILLER, William H-I Co, 353rd Inf (deceased) c/o son Phil

PALMER, Robert Emerson -M Co, 353rd Inf (Deceased) c/o Vanessa Gradall (great niece)

PETERSON, Carl (Son of Carl)

PLUMBY, Phil - A Co, 354th Inf

SARGENT, Shirley Rae -B Btry, 340th FA (deceased) c/o Bethany Rae, daughter

SHOREY, Clifford N-C Co, 314th Eng Bn (deceased)Attached to 353rd Inf c/o son John

SCHUETZ, William-Co C, 354th Inf c/o Son Billy

SITZLER, John -354th Inf

STUEWE, Co F-353rd Inf

WALDNER, Leonard F --Cannon Co, 353rd Inf

WANSBROUGH, Robert-Hq Co, 3rd Bn, 355th Inf (deceased) c/o son Greg

WEISS, Murray-Co F., 353rd Inf

WELLS, Richard N-Co F, 2nd Bn, 353rd Inf

YOUNG, Charles-Cn Co, 3 rd Bn, 355th Inf (Air Cadet)

YOUNG, Paul C.-Cn Co, 353rd Inf

ZELLE, Lester-Cn Co, 355th Inf

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Larry Berg

Larry will be missed by all in the Society

Larry Berg, 85, of Colorado Springs, and formerly of Minneapolis and Duluth, died Saturday, March 22, 2003, in a Colorado Springs hospital. Lawrence Ivan Berg was born on Nov. 14, 1917 in Crookston, Minn., to Ole and Ida (Stubson) Berg who are now deceased. He attended schools in Duluth. He married M.L. 'Margie' Nelson on Sept. 4, 1943 in Minneapolis. He retired from hardware sales and retail. He served in the United States Army during World War II and retired from the U.S. Army reserves in 1978. Larry was a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter of M.O.A.A. the R.O.A., V.F.W. Post 3917 of Security, Colo., the American Legion Post 550 of Bloomington, Minn., the Sons of Norway, Fjeldheim Chapter, and the 89th Division Society of World War II. Larry is survived by his wife 'Margie'; and their two sons Lawrence Wayne (wife Mary) Berg of Waseca, Minn., and Patrick James (wife Diana) Berg of Stockton, Calif. He is also survived by his five grandchildren Kristen Leigh, Michael Wayne, Katherine Victoria, Heather Lorraine, and Patrick James Berg, Jr.

SERVICE: 2 p.m. Saturday, March 29, 2003, in the Shrine of Remembrance 'America the Beautiful' Chapel of Roses. A reception will follow at V.F.W. Post 3917 in Security, Colo. Private Internment will be held at Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Colo., on Monday. Memorials may be made in Larry's memory to the charity of the giver's choice.

Published in the Duluth News Tribune on 3/25/2003.

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Letters and Exchanges

The purpose of this core section of the newsletter is to provide an electronic mechanism for the rapid exchange of information and requests regarding our Division, its veterans and friends as well as including current items of related interest. I like to think of this task as gate keeping facilitating networking between our vets and friends and responding to inquiries by drawing on the knowledge of those still with us, and particularly those active in our Society with similar responsibilities and concerns. Because of the many messages and follow-ups received, and my difficulty at times to keep them straight, it is requested that each message include any previous information provided.

Letters are included roughly in the order of receipt with editing at a minimum. Editor's remarks, if any, are included in brackets. Thank you.

Request for information from Gary Bunner gbunner@achievementtech.com

My father died on April 11, 1945 of wounds received a few days earlier while serving in the 89th (353rd Infantry Regiment) - I think Company I. I know very little about his death. Would like to know more. His name SSGT Vance N. Bunner, 37463785. Any suggestions?

[Request forwarded to N. Badten, Org Rep pf 353rd INF]

Request from Editor to 89th Recon to wh_weeks@hotmail.com, marcleary@aol.com cdeen@bellsouth.net, luluchuck@aol.com, gsmith4893@aol.com

Subject: 89th Recon

Dear Larry:

We last communicated in September 2001, I think, and it was inconclusive so let's start again from scratch. As you can observe for yourself on our 89th Website, we are giving priority to unit stories and histories from squad levels to regiments.

I've read nothing in recent times (I didn't start getting the official magazine, The Rolling W, until joining the Society in 1995) about the 89th RCN to use as a source for material. I am also copying this email to the several vets on our email listings that I think were in the same unit. My purpose is to suggest that we all collaborate in preparing a history of Recon which we can include in TRW and on our website. It certainly doesn't have to be voluminous but could also include some photos and we would help you, if needed. Given your interest and past research, plus any reply you might get from those cc-ed above, hopefully we can move on relatively quickly. What sayeth you?

Ray (Scotty) Kitchell

Request re Bronze Star from Phil Miller raifmill@yahoo.com

Reply to Phil Miller 353rd from Norb Badten, Org Rep

I checked my 89th Division History Book and found T/Sgt W. H. Miller in I Company, 3rd Battalion, 353rd Regiment. He had been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB). After the War (WWII) General Marshall issued an Executive Order which said that anyone awarded the CIB was eligible for the Bronze Star, upon request. A copy of the Honorable Discharge (both sides) had to be sent to:

National Personnel Records Center
Entitlement to Awards Division
9700 Page Blvd
St Louis, MO 63132-5200

It must show on the discharge that he got the CIB. Ask them to send you the medal. When you receive the medal, you may wish to contact your political representative to see if they would like to schedule a ceremony to present the medal to your mother.


Norb Badten
Asst Org Rep 353rd

Reaching out to Btry B, 340th from daughter Bethany beppy@midmaine.com

Hi, I would like to know how to join and get my father's name and my email address listed with the other contacts on your website. My father is deceased and I am trying to gather as much information as I can about his time with the 340th FA (Btry B). Below is a copy of the note I send out to members of the 340th that I come across, just in case you know anyone that might remember my father. My father was Shirley Rae Sargent from Ellsworth, Maine and he was part of the 340th FA. I'm trying to find anyone that might remember him. He had a blue star tattooed on his forearm, one point of the star for him and each of his buddies. There is a photo of him on page 48 of the 89th Division book published in 1947, just in case anyone has the book or was also in that photo. He's the man standing directly in the middle, closest to the camera. If you remember him or have any contacts that might have known him, I would be eternally grateful to hear from you. Thank you kindly,

From: Darrel Carnell

Through the good offices of Scotty Kitchell, webmaster of the 89th Division website, Bethany Rae Sargent , the daughter of Shirley Sargent, has found us. She wrote to Scotty seeking information about her father, Scotty sent copies of their correspondence to Ed Quick and me and we have followed up with her.

Bethany tells us that her father, Shirley Rae Sargent of Ellsworth, Maine died July 3, 1995. She is the youngest of her father's five children, being a college student only 22 years of age is married to a German national and writes:

Reply from Bethany

I am very happy to hear that Mike is still alive. He seems like the best connection to my Dad. His name sounds vaguely familiar to me and my mother said she definitely remembers hearing his name. I sent a note to him and I'm waiting to hear back. And Ed Quick said he has a couple of photos of my Dad, so this has been a really great day for me. All of a sudden everything practically falls into my lap!

I will be living in Dortmund, Germany (which is near Cologne) some time next year. My husband works for Thyssen-Krupp Steel. We've got quite an age difference between us and his father was a German soldier in WWII. He spent most of the war in a Siberian prisoner camp after being injured and was released years after the war ended, only to die from complications due to inadequate medical treatment. My husband and I are really enjoying the fact that our parents had opposing war histories. It's very nice that so many years later each side can talk about what happened and find some understanding of each other's past. It's all so fascinating! It's so incredibly kind of you to give me a year's subscription. You've been so helpful, I can't thank you enough. I'm a bit overwhelmed that I've suddenly made contact with people that shared that time of my father's life. I spent so many years wishing that I could find somebody that was with him then, and then suddenly I stumble across practically everything and everyone that I need......... all of it has really made my day. You should have seen how excited I was when I opened my mailbox and found multiple messages from Battery B men!!!! Thank you all for the subscription and thank you for your wonderful website!

Best wishes, Bethany

PS - almost forgot to include the details.........

Bethany Rae Sargent
19 Harborview ct. #3F
Blue Hill, ME 04614
Daughter of Shirley Rae Sargent of Ellsworth, Maine. Born August 8, 1920, died July 3, 1995

From Darrell

Bethany, I have added your name on the emailing list of Battery B, whose names and email addresses are shown above. The History of Battery B I sent to you should be of help in retracing your father's 1945 travels in Germany. Keep us informed of your doings and whereabouts.

Darrel Carnell

[The application for membership and check is on the way, Fun to work together. Scotty]

Tour of Remembrance Ray David Little ray.david.1@worldnet.att.net

Mark and Raymond,

I viewed with great interest the Tour of Remembrance and it brings back many memories. I drove for the officer in charge of the transient mess when the divisions were coming from Germany on their way to the States. This was at Yvetot and was a good assignment.

When that closed I drove for the officer in charge of the PW stockade which furnished labor for the area --was there during the World Series of 1945. I was driving the Jeep which was picked up at Cherbourg shortly after we arrived in France. Drove it deep into Germany and back to Camp Lucky Strike.

I appreciate your efforts on the website. Only wish I had known about it earlier. Would have liked to make that tour. Better late than never.

Thanks again,

Ray David Little
Company M, 355th Infantry

Roll Call From: Darrel Carnell [dcarnell@att.net] To: Ed Quick


I have edited and compiled the data you sent to me yesterday and suggest it be distributed to the guys of Battery B. Just copy it and insert it into emails which you could then send out. If you have further particulars on Russo, DeRosa, Schaefer, Wolbert and Woodall I suggest their names be included with the list below. And of course, Dorsey Schaper should be listed, as well. You have done a great job for which all of us are thankful!

[Belated Taps] Roll Call Battery B, 340th FA BN


MILDRIDGE O. MARLER, 2nd Section #7 Man
37415 Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN
Born 7 Mar 1914
Died 20 Jun 1993

DONALD H JENKINS 3rd Section Truck Driver
56401 Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN
Born 22 Dec 1920
Died 22 Jun 1999

JAMES R MUNFORD 1st Lt. Forward Observer
47670 Princeton, Gibson, IN
Born 24 Mar 1919
Died 25 Nov 1993

76087 Weatherford, Parker, TX
Born 28 May 1911
Died 14 Jul 1994

GEORGE W ANDREWS 3rd Section #7 Man & Mail Clerk
90064 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Born 3 Jun 1912
Died 11 Jan 2000

Born 17 Oct 1915
Died 17 Jun 1989

JOSEPH L HARLEY 2nd Section Gunner Corporal
Born 11 Nov 1922
Died 29 Mar 1997

FRANCIS S LONGENECKER 4th Section Gunner Corporal
45322 Englewood, Montgomery, OH
Born 27 Apr 1923
Died 7 Feb 2002

JOSEPH S LASKOWSKI 2nd Section #4 Man
44127 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Born 10 May 1924
Died 22 Oct 2001

Wilmington, NC
Born 9 November 1921
Died 22 April 1994

A Soldier Died Today

Courtesy of Arne Gausmann-a friend from ASTP days

He was getting old and paunchy
And his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion,
Telling stories of the past.

Of a war that he once fought in
And the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies;
They were heroes, every one.

And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors
His tales became a joke,
All his buddies listened quietly
For they knew where of he spoke.

But we'll hear his tales no longer,
For ol' Bob has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer
For a Soldier died today.

He won't be mourned by many,
Just his children and his wife.
For he lived an ordinary,
Very quiet sort of life.

He held a job and raised a family,
Going quietly on his way;
And the world won't note his passing,
'Tho a Soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth,
Their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing,
And proclaim that they were great.

Papers tell of their life stories
From the time that they were young
But the passing of a Soldier
Goes unnoticed, and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution
To the welfare of our land,
Some jerk who breaks his promise
And cons his fellow man?

Or the ordinary fellow
Who in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his country
And offers up his life?

The politician's stipend
And the style in which he lives,
Are often disproportionate,
To the service that he gives.

While the ordinary Soldier,
Who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal
And perhaps a pension, small.

It's so easy to forget them,
For it is so many times
That our Bobs and Jims and Johnnys,
Went to battle, but we know,

It is not the politicians
With their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom
That our country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger,
With your enemies at hand,
Would you really want some cop-out,
With his ever waffling stand?

Or would you want a Soldier--
His home, his country, his kin,
Just a common Soldier,
Who would fight until the end.

He was just a common Soldier,
And his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us
We may need his like again.

For when countries are in conflict,
We find the Soldier's part
Is to clean up all the troubles
That the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor
While he's here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give him homage
At the ending of his days.

Perhaps just a simple headline
In the paper that might say:


Exchange between buddies


It must have been Paolicelli's carbine that was leaned up against that tree because Polly was the only idiot in the ETO who kept a round in the chamber at all times!

I think it is only by the grace of God that Polly didn't shoot me! He ALWAYS had a round in the chamber and most of the time his carbine was laying across his legs with the muzzle pointed at the back of my head as he rode in the back of my jeep. I tried and tried to convince him that it wouldn't take a half a second to crank a round into the chamber if the need ever arose (which it never did) but he was adamant about "being ready."

You once suggested that those carbines were equipped with safeties and that they (the carbines) could be carried with a round in the chamber if the safety was engaged. You are absolutely correct, but in my view it would take longer to disengage the safety than to throw a round into the chamber by slapping that operating rod to the rear. No searching, no feeling around for the safety ‹ just a smart slap in the general vicinity of the operating rod lever and you're in business.

It was also an effective way of getting someone's attention. I have previously recounted to you the time I cranked a round into the chamber one dark night when a person (Van Loton) approaching my guard post did not answer my challenge. The CLANK CLANK of the operating rod persuaded him that I wasn't fooling. On the other hand, he would have never heard the disengagement of a safety and it is likely that he would have kept on coming, giving me an excuse to shoot him.


I copied the below from the current Newsletter. The gun was a carbine. Your comments?


It was March 12, 1945. A few of the officers dropped their packs along a pathway along with the packs of some of the sergeants. They had moved off a ways to stretch their legs and talk amongst themselves. I remember sitting against a tree and in front of me and my pack a carbine was neatly leaned against a tree. I could hear some of the men as they were returning to get their packs. At that moment for some reason, I stood and stepped to one side. Just one step. I heard the sound of a rifle discharging. My eyes focused on the place in front of where I had just been sitting. The rifle had fallen, hit the ground and discharged a round directly into the tree where I had been sitting. I ascertained that if I hadn't gotten up just then, the slug would have entered my chest.

The Greatest Generation's Greatest Celebration!

Shortly after the 1996 campaign officials of the University of Kansas approached Bob Dole in the hope of creating a public policy center on the foundation of his personal and public papers. In response, Senator Dole made clear that he wanted neither a personal monument nor conventional ivory tower. Instead, he envisioned a non-partisan institution that would promote greater citizen participation in the democratic process - celebrating the very freedoms defended by every American who has ever worn our country's uniform.

In recent years no one has done more than Bob Dole to memorialize the World War II generation. Now it's our turn to recognize him-and all those who preserved civilization in its darkest hour. On July 22, Senator Dole's 80th birthday, we will dedicate the permanent home of the Dole Institute of Politics here at KU. The impressive 28,000 square foot structure is dominated by a 29-foot stained glass American flag, in front of which the Senator's World War II uniform will be displayed, flanked by a pair of ten-foot beams retrieved from the World Trade Center.

True to form, Senator Dole has asked that the dedication and events leading up to it be about his fellow vets rather than himself. With this in mind, I am writing to tell you about three days we are calling The Greatest Generation's Greatest Celebration. Between July 20 and 22, national leaders and international representatives will converge on Lawrence to recognize veterans who have risked their lives in World War II and other conflicts.

Among the activities planned: a vintage air show, recreated USO-style show, World War II encampment and vehicle display featuring re-enactors from the 10th Mountain Division and other units; a dance with the Glenn Miller Orchestra; and the formal dedication ceremony, scheduled for the morning of July 22. All this will be memorable enough - but what will really make it special is the presence of hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans we hope to honor.

I hope you will join us this July. In the meantime, permit me to join Senator Dole in thanking you for your service to America. With best regards.

Erik L. Nelson, Deputy Director
Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics
University of Kansas
704 West 12th Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
(785) 749-3911
(785) 749-3907 fax

Bailey Bridges


At the address below, you can see several Bailey bridges built by the 150th Engineers across the Moselle about ten miles downstream (toward the Rhine) from where we crossed. (See the photos of the Mueden and Moselkern bridges. - Click on the photo to see more.) I have only a vague memory of our crossing. I remember seeing the vineyards on the steep banks but I don't recall whether we were on a bridge or in a boat. Lt. Uhlarik and Ralph Cole described the scene in their earlier letters. The engineers (maybe the 150th? or maybe ours?, were being harassed by incoming 88 fire. I think Ralph and Uhlarik took readings on the shelling which enabled us to silence the enemy guns and Uhlarik received a Bronze Star for that action.

Since the engineers were in the process of building a Bailey bridge, I guess we went across on it. And I guess the location was between Alf and Bullay. What is your recollection? I guess no permanent bridge was later built between those two towns. (See the attachment showing the ferry that crosses the river there today.) Ed

Baily Bridges

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