A German/American Story

Reproduced with the kind permission of the editors, Prof. Yaffa Eliach and Brana Gurewitsch, of Volume I: Liberation Day, The Liberators-Eyewitness Accounts of the Liberation of Concentration Camps, published by the Center for Holocaust Studies Documentation & Research, Brooklyn, New York 1981.

Location of Camp: I 5 mi. S.W. of Erfurt. Germany.
Administrative sub-camp of Buchenwald. Camp Opened: November 6, 1944.
In early April 1945, some prisoners were transferred to Dachau and Buchenwald.

Date of Liberation: April 4. 1945

Liberating Units: Combat Command A 4th Armored Division found evidence of 9,000 bodies disposed of in pits. Approximately 61 inmates, including one American flyer, were shot by SS guards in the last moments before liberation. The camp was occupied by the 89th Infantry Division, which supervised burials.

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