Tour of Remembrance


From the Champs Elysees to Rouen, a short jaunt and to places that had been our home some 55 years ago. The Norman French opened their hearts to us. Food, wine and good fellowship was the rule all of which gave us the feeling that our efforts in 1945 were remembered and appreciated.

In Yvetot the locals had formed a club honoring our division. WWII vehicle from Jeeps to tow trucks with 89th Division markings. Club members with vintage U.S. uniforms complete with Rolling W patches sewed on the sleeves. Similar hospitality was received at each of the several villages we visited making these few days a high point of the tour and a welcome we will long remember.

Mayor of Yvetot

Original US Army Truck, Veterans and Re enactors

Raymond and Mark Kitchell (your webmasters)

89th Veterans, Yvetot

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