Rhine Crossing: Division Objective Achieved

Throughout the Division Zone the crust of the Rhine position had been broken. A treadway (pontoon) bridge had been completed between St. Goar and St. Goarshausen and was in use by mid-27 March. The Division objective was achieved. Casualties thus far were 29 men killed, 102 wounded and 146 men missing in action.

What remained was six more days of fighting to reduce resistance that remained from German units, many of which had been scattered in the fighting. The German command structure had broken down, but groups and individuals continued to resist as long as possible with tenacity and courage. By 2 April these small operations had wound down, and Division forces were closing into concentration areas near Bad Schwalbach and Eltville. Over 2700 prisoners had been taken. The 89th Division went into VIII Corps reserve.

Late 2 April VIII Corps ordered 89th Division to move to Hersfeld in Central Germany as soon as possible, continuing the advance to the east. At another 3rd Army crossing north of Mainz, U.S. forces had crossed the Rhine – -armored forces had seized the autobahn near Frankfurt, and moving rapidly - were already before Eisenach in central Germany. The 89th Division would join this force. That same evening (2 April) the three regiments began departing by motor move, using the autobahn (Wiesbaden–Frankfurt–Bad Nauheim – Romod) to concentration areas near Hersfeld. The Division closed here the next day (3 April). Thus were completed the combat operations of the 89th Infantry Division along the Rhine River.

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