History of the 602nd Tank Destroyer Battalion

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The Mosel and Nahe River Crossings
The Hitler Hinterland

The Mosel and Nahe River Crossings

On the 15th, Recon. Company minus its 1st and 2nd platoons moved from lmmerath across the Mosel River at AIf through Bullay and into Merl. Headquarters Company moved up to Driesch. The Command Posts for the Battalion and for Recon. Company with its Pioneer Company moved to Beuren, Company A moved on the 16th with the 1st platoon of Recon. Company and crossed the Mosel at AIf then proceeded to Merl. Company B moved that day with the 2nd platoon of Recon Company, crossed the Mosel River at Neef, and captured six prisoners. Company C, with the 3rd platoon of Recon. Company, was attached to the 355th Infantry Regiment and prepared to move with the lst Armored Division through zone of 89TH Infantry Regiment.

On the 17th the Battalion Command Post moved to Merl. Company A moved east with 353 Infantry regiment to Moritzheim. The Battalion, minus Companies A and C, was attached to the 354 Infantry Regiment. Company C with the 355th Infantry Regiment followed the 11th Armored Division to attack to the east.

On the 18th, the Battalion CP moved to Raversbeuren, Company A moved to Panzweiler, Company B moved to Godenroth, and Company C moved to Kirchberg. Resistance was negligible, weather was clear, roads were good, and progress was excellent.

On the 19 March 1945 the 602nd TD Battalion, less Company C, was attached to the division again with the mission of protecting the Division and Corps right flank. Headquarters Company moved to Raversbueren, Recon and Battalion CPs moved to Immenach, Co B stayed in Godenroth, and Company C moved to Kirn. Comp A took the towns of Buchenburen and Immenach and 42 prisoners. Recon. Pioneer Platoon reduced two roadblocks. At 2100 hours the Battalion received an additional mission of protecting the flank after crossing the Nahe River.

On the 20th Company B, with the 2nd platoon of Recon and the Recon Pioneer Platoon moved out at 0730 and by 1030 had crossed the Nahe River at Fischbach. Company A with the 1st and 3rd Recon Platoons, moved out along a northern route parallel to Company B, and they located at Sien. The Battalion, less Company C, by nightfall was in the vicinity of Mittelreidenbach. By 0800 hours, Company C had crossed the Nahe River at Kim and by nightfall had reached Lautershein. This particular day proved to be the most successful in the history of the Battalion. No complete reports on Company C could be obtained, but their progress carried them almost to the Rhine River. Company C took over 200 prisoners, and Company B took over 400 prisoners. The two companies cleared a half-dozen towns on the Division flank and made contact with the 16th Cavalry Squadron from the XX Corps near Fischbach on the Nahe River, Company B knocked out or overran one tank, four artillery pieces, four mortars, and 13 anti-tank guns. The Battalion suffered no casualties in these actions. The Company C Command Post was in Reichenbach and moved the next day to Horchhein, Germany, and it was detached from the 355th Infantry Regiment.


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