Table of Contents
France: Camp Lucky Strike
France: Luxembourg
Combat: Mosel River
Combat: Chasing the Tanks
Combat: Raversbeuren
The Rhine
The Rhine: Co. E Starts Across
The Rhine: Co. E's 2nd Platoon Crosses
The Rhine: Co. F Begins Crossing
The Rhine: Co. F Moves Toward Its Objective
The Rhine: Co. F Completes Crossing
The Rhine: Some Didn't Make It
The Rhine: Co A's Crossing
The Rhine: A Co. C Boat Is Sunk
The Rhine: The Reserve Companies Go Over
The Rhine: West of the Rhine
Into Central Germany
Into Central Germany: Co. C Held Up At Thal
Into Central Germany: Gossel
Into Central Germany: Wullersleben
Into Central Germany: Wizleben
Into Central Germany: Task Force Hart
Into Central Germany: VIII Corps
The End of the 354th
Appendix 1

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A few minutes past midnight on January 24, 1945, the men of the 354th Infantry filed along the dark decks of the Edmund B. Alexander as she lay at anchor in the harbor of Le Havre. Over the side they went, down a high portable stairway onto LCTs. The LCTs. moved slowly off into the darkness. The men could see nothing over the high gunwales but the inky blackness of the sky. Then the ships slowed, sand ground under them, and they stopped with a lurch. The front gates were lowered and the troops marched out onto a beach, onto European soil. From the beach they marched up to waiting trucks and loaded. As they drove off through Le Havre they got their first sight of a thoroughly bombed town. Wreckage was strewn on both sides of the streets. Scarcely a whole building stood in that section of town. The men stood along the sides of the packed trucks taking it all in. But as they got out into the country a cold, biting wind whipped at them and one by one they seeped down to the floor seeking shelter. For three hours they drove through the freezing early morning.


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