Table of Contents
France: Camp Lucky Strike
France: Luxembourg
Combat: Mosel River
Combat: Chasing the Tanks
Combat: Raversbeuren
The Rhine
The Rhine: Co. E Starts Across
The Rhine: Co. E's 2nd Platoon Crosses
The Rhine: Co. F Begins Crossing
The Rhine: Co. F Moves Toward Its Objective
The Rhine: Co. F Completes Crossing
The Rhine: Some Didn't Make It
The Rhine: Co A's Crossing
The Rhine: A Co. C Boat Is Sunk
The Rhine: The Reserve Companies Go Over
The Rhine: West of the Rhine
Into Central Germany
Into Central Germany: Co. C Held Up At Thal
Into Central Germany: Gossel
Into Central Germany: Wullersleben
Into Central Germany: Wizleben
Into Central Germany: Task Force Hart
Into Central Germany: VIII Corps
The End of the 354th
Appendix 1

The Rhine: Co. E's 2nd Platoon Crosses

The 2nd platoon under Lt. George Pusey was crossing at the same time. They made their way across three-quarters of the river safely and them a 20mm opened up. Between bands of fire they headed toward the east shore. They hit a sand bar, jumped out and waded ashore. They ducked behind a fold in the ground. Fire in force was coming at them from a building. Hugging the ground, they crept up the beach behind a wall. As they moved up, Sgt. Glen Harmon shouted to Lt. Pusey, "Watch out We're in the path of fire. You'll get hit." As Pusey hit the ground, a German bullet pierced Harmon's heart.

When the platoon reached the wall, a burp gun was barking over their heads. There were 11 men left. They thought they were the only ones on the east shore. They hugged the wall, peppered by sniper fire. Then they made a break ran around a long, low building from which a sniper was shooting. S/Sgt. Dale Worthy threw three grenades into the building but only got more sniper fire back. Clearing a garage, the platoon worked its way into the cellar of a house where they found Lt. Porter's platoon.


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