Table of Contents
France: Camp Lucky Strike
France: Luxembourg
Combat: Mosel River
Combat: Chasing the Tanks
Combat: Raversbeuren
The Rhine
The Rhine: Co. E Starts Across
The Rhine: Co. E's 2nd Platoon Crosses
The Rhine: Co. F Begins Crossing
The Rhine: Co. F Moves Toward Its Objective
The Rhine: Co. F Completes Crossing
The Rhine: Some Didn't Make It
The Rhine: Co A's Crossing
The Rhine: A Co. C Boat Is Sunk
The Rhine: The Reserve Companies Go Over
The Rhine: West of the Rhine
Into Central Germany
Into Central Germany: Co. C Held Up At Thal
Into Central Germany: Gossel
Into Central Germany: Wullersleben
Into Central Germany: Wizleben
Into Central Germany: Task Force Hart
Into Central Germany: VIII Corps
The End of the 354th
Appendix 1

Into Central Germany: Wullersleben

Outside of Wullersleben three I & R jeeps were moving toward the town to join the 2nd Battalion which, except for Co. E, was in Wullerlsben. Cannon Co's position on the edge of town I was under fire from German 88s which were holding up the advance of the 2nd Battalion. As the 1& R jeeps moved into the town they were held up by the 88s. Pvt. Marvin D. Wenninger was hit by shrapnel. Almost at the same time another man was hit. He let out a cry for an adman. T/5 Leonard Vander Linde Jr., 1& R's aid man, started out across an open field toward the wounded man amid a hail of artillery shells. They fell all around him -- in front, in back, on either side. Then his luck gave out. A piece of shrapnel went through his back and penetrated his stomach. Another blew his left hand almost off. He was wounded in both legs. While the shells were still falling, Cpl. Bruce S. Nichols of the I & R platoon ran to Vander Linde's aid, put him in a jeep and drove him to the 2nd Battalion aid station in Wullersleben. Then Nickols drove back, still under fire, picked up Wenninger and drove him to the aid station. During this barrage on Wullersleben, Lt. William J. Scull, who had taken over command of Co. I, was seriously wounded. T/5 Floyd J. Hawn, a Co. I medic, left his sheltered position, rushed to his CO's side and calmly and efficiently administered first aid. He remained with Scull throughout the barrage and was credited with saving the officer's life.


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